The Coln Valley Village Hall
The Coln Valley Village Hall

Minutes of Public Open Meeting

Coln St Dennis Parish Council

7.30 pm Thursday 23rd

Meeting No 209




Councillors – Nicky Talbot Rice, Graeme
Matthew, Philip Allen, Malcolm Carmicael, Nick Dummett.

Clerk – Veronica Dean

Councillor - Edward Horsfall


Residents – Andrew Pease, Libby Oakley, Simon
Oakley, Andrew Gregory,

Petersen, ? Young, Claire Smalley, Anne
Williams, Wendy James, Chrissie Mitchell,


NTR began
the meeting by thanking the PCC and Churchwardens of CStD who allowed the
church to be used on this occasion as a temporary measure while the Village
Hall is being built.


Minutes of the Last Meeting

These were
read and agreed.


Matters Arising

NTR to
speak again to Paul Swift from Highways concerning the amount of water running
down the hill at Coln Rogers which is still a problem in wet weather.


Village Hall Update

presented an update on the village hall. He reported that building work was
moving ahead rapidly with the shell already erected and the roof soon to be
added. He anticipated that it should be completed by mid April. There have been
some delays to the installation of the sewerage system due to the wet weather

The costs
have increased by approx £10k; this was mainly due to the discovery of asbestos
which resulted in paying for safe removal and the whole project subsequently
being registered with the H&SE. However a further grant of £15k was
obtained from GCC and the success of local fundraising (thanks to J Thorpe and
M Henriques for a very profitable quiz evening) has meant that we are only £30k
short of the target. ND anticipates that a further £15k will come from
outstanding pledges and Gift Aid, leaving £15k to be raised through the
PC’s Public Works Loan. This will be
released as needed by the PC.

NTR thanked
ND and the VH team for all their hard work.


Budget and Precept

presented the budget going forward and explained that the PWL was at a fixed
rate for the next 25 years and the level of repayments would mean a Band D
house would pay £13.91 into the precept. He proposed that the precept should
remain the same as last year at £2000. This was unanimously supported by the

He also
suggested that the PC should maybe look at selling off the CStD phone box as it
will cost money for its upkeep and in such an isolated location it has no real
viable use. AP said he would prefer it was kept as it was part of the local
heritage and suggested that it could be used to house a defibrillator in the
future. CS said that she was going to provide a local information point in the
Calcot box.

It was
agreed that the PC would review the issue again at a later date.



presented a summary of all the work he has undertaken to establish the
situation regarding the village greens at Calcot. He pointed out that the
triangle near the river was excluded from the listing and that the green was
also classed as a Class 5 Highway,
meaning that GCC is legally responsible for upkeep as it is technically open to
access by all traffic. He said that he has been unable so far to resolve the
conflict between the status of both village green and highway. The hill over
the river is classed as a restricted byway.

conflict of uses poses considerable problems with the issue of insurance in the
future – as legal owners the PC will obviously have to notify the current
insurance company.

On the
issue of legal ambiguity, GKM suggested that the PC could investigate the
possibility and cost of de-registering the “car park” in return for including
the unlisted triangle by the bridge. He also felt that further discussions with
Highways might allow for it to be made a restricted by
-way instead.


the maintenance and improvement of the landscaping, GKM proposed that the car
park be retained and some screening should be planted. The PC would nominally
be responsible for a minimum level of maintenance eg occasional mowing, subject
to discussion with Highways on what level of maintenance they are legally
obliged to provide.


NTR thanked
GKM for all his work on this issue and said that he would welcome residents
thoughts on improving the area. He also stated that the PC would only fund a
basic level of maintenance as it would be unfair for the rest of the parish to
pay for this. He suggested that Calcot residents might make donations of
money/labour to help with the costs involved.

He stated
that the PC will need to notify the insurers, but suggested that it might be
better to wait until the legal position with Highways could be resolved.


AG and CS
felt the car park was an asset for the village and that it could be improved by
the planting of some shrubs and native hedgerow plants. It was agreed that this
should aim to minimise the impact of the car park on the view along the valley.
It was felt that Calcot residents would be happy to help with any improvements
on a voluntary basis – DP, AG and SO all offered to help with labour etc. The
PC would pay for basic maintenance eg bi-annual mowing and supply of some
shrubs for planting..


MC felt
that contacting the insurance company may help to provide some resolution as
they may offer different types of cover to suit different circumstances.

conclusion, it was agreed that GKM and ND would follow up on the legal
ambiguity by meeting with Highways. The PC will then inform the insurers once
the matter is a little clearer.


Farm Planning Application

reported that this was an application to put up a permanent residence to
replace the current temporary structures and that the PC was broadly supportive
of the plans. He said that it was important that our comments should emphasise
that the ridge height should be limited and not increased at a later stage. ND
agreed and said that it was important that the temporary buildings should not
be allowed to remain on site, so there would only be one dwelling on the site.

EH agreed
and said that he was in favour of limiting the increasing propensity for
creeping applications and amendments after approval of original plans has been

PA had no
objections and MC felt that the use of timber for the rear garage was perhaps
not suitable.

VD to
contact Catherine Tetlow with comments.



discussions at the last meeting it was agreed that the PC needs to replace the
noticeboard at Fossebridge. VD reported that she had taken it down as it had
completely collapsed. She said prices for new off the shelf boards began at
about £200 up to £800 for an oak board. VD to investigate on Ebay as well. MC
to look at board suppliers.



CS raised
the matter of gritting. GKM to follow up with GCC – there may be small grants
available for a spreading device. This would obviously have to be kept
somewhere accessible, as well as any supply of salt.


AG said
that although he had cut down most of the ivy on the bus shelter, it was so
entwined with the roof that he left sections untouched as he didn’t want to
damage the structure by its removal. NTR thanked AG for his work and suggested
that its future viability should be considered as it remained unused.


The meeting
closed at 8.50pm

Papers for Coln St Dennis Parish Council
meeting 23rd January 2014


The following papers will be discussed
along with other agenda business at the parish council meeting on Thursday 23rd
January at Coln St Dennis Church. A full agenda and copies of the papers will
be available at the meeting for residents attending.


Paper 1.


VILLAGE GREENS – Parking and Other Issues:

and Proposals.





A.  The Facts.


1. Calcot Triangle and Calcot Common are
confirmed as registered Village Greens, owned by the Parish Council. A triangle
of land on the right of the Common at its far end seems to have been excluded.


2. At the same time Calcot Common Green
has the conflicting status of a Class 5 highway, maintainable by and a legal
responsibility of the County Council, nominally open to all traffic and with
its verges covering the full extent of the Green. No law resolves the conflict
between village green and highways status.


3. The highway extends across the river
and up the hill on the other side. This section is also a Restricted Byway,
that is a Right of Way on foot, horse, cycle and non-motorized vehicle, and it
is thus a “dual classification” highway. The rights of motorized vehicles have
probably now lapsed under Rights of Way law, except for access to the owners’
land on either side and for maintenance.


4. The legal position of parking on the
Common is governed by antique law and is uncertain. For certainty it would need
to be tested in court. We see no reason why anyone would wish to do this;
locally the Parish Council has given its permission and the use was minuted as
being supported by the parishioners at an open meeting.


5. Because of the uncertainties over the legal
position with both the dual nature of the Common and the provision of parking
spaces it is possible that our insurers would seek to void our public liability
insurance in the event of an incident such as an accident involving a vehicle.





Continued over:


B  Recommended Way Forward.


1. Resolve the legal ambiguity.


We suggest that we should investigate the possibility and cost of de-registering
the car park in return for registering the area at the end of the common. In
parallel we should open discussions with Gloucestershire Highways about
extending the Restricted Byway through the common giving it the same status as
the path on the other side of the bridge. 
Then we should consult our insurer to make certain that all insurance risks
from the Village Greens are identified and covered.


2. Decide how to improve the state of the


We suggest that the car park is retained
but made more visually attractive by grassing it over and planting some
screening. The parish council would undertake this work funded from the contingency
budget. Arranging basic maintenance of the common such as occasional mowing
would be a parish responsibility, subject to negotiation with Gloucestershire
Highways on maintenance of the surfaced part and drainage. We should assess the demand from Calcot
residents for improvements to the appearance of the Common
provision of benches etc
., and their readiness to donate labour or
money for these. It would be unreasonable to expect the rest of the parish to
pay for more than the basic maintenance.






Note: Full Report Available


The Summary is based on a longer report
which reviews and discusses the advice
and official guidance available on the subject, and includes copies of registry
entries, maps and letters of advice, together with lists of published guidance
available on the internet, Acts of Parliament etc.


Paper 2.


Coln St Dennis Parish Budgets


The following table details last year’s
actual, current year estimated expenditure and the budget for next year. An
allowance has been retained this year for unexpected expenditure such as on the
notice boards. Similarly an allowance of £100 is made for next year but it
should be note that the level of carry forward has more than rebuilt the
contingency fund. The budget for next year includes the servicing cost of a
£20,000 public works loan.




                                                2012/2013                   2013/2014          2014/2015


Balance c/f from                                    686.81                     210.78                1274.64

previous year




Insurance including bus shelter 262.03                      264.37                

Painting of telephone boxes       
400.00                     200.00                

Council expenses                       150.00                     175.00                

Fee for use of village hall               
0.00                        0.00                  30.00

Subscriptions to: GAPTC              
0.00                     42.77                  43.00

                           GRCC                0.00                     25.00                  25.00

                           CPRE               29.00                     29.00                  35.00

Planning fee                               


Contingency allowance                                               200.00                



Servicing of PWL                                                                                  1362.00


Total expenditure                                   
1176.03                      936.14   


Precept (actual/proposed)                        700.00      


Balance carried forward                          210.78                   1274.64             1034.64






14th January 2014



Coln St Dennis Parish Council.


The next Parish Council Meeting will be on
23rd January 2014. The venue is yet to be confirmed.


The main agenda items will be:


actions from the last meeting,

consideration of the budget for 2014/2015
and the precept

the village greens at Calcot

any extant planning applications

matters raised by residents.


If any resident wishes a matter to be on
the agenda please inform the Clerk, Veronica Dean. We have already had a
request to discuss the communication of planning applications and how
residents’ views on them can be expressed.

Coln St Dennis Parish Council


November Update


The parish councillors have decided to defer an open meeting till early in the new year. To hold it in November would be premature because:


1)     the village hall has been successful in its bid for funding from GCC it is possible the amount needed for a public works loan will be lower than the £25,000 for which we have borrowing

2)     the parish council needs to understand the implications of its responsibilities for the two village greens in Calcot. Research is on-going and the councillors are awaiting advice.


Both the above need to be included in the budget and setting of the precept for 2014/2015 which would be the main subject of the meeting.


In the meantime of the three planning applications listed in the October update:

the barn conversion at the Manor, Coln St Dennis has been approved by the CDC

the application for camping and caravan site at Far Peak is still pending. The parish council had no objection in principle as the site is well hidden from view. However we suggested to the
CDC that the hedging on the Saltway should be thickened and extended in side
the entrance to Far Peak.

The conversion of Black barns to an equestrian isolation unit with accommodation for one groom is also still pending but the parish council has no objection to the proposal.


One further application has been lodged namely a revised scheme for no 16 Calcot. Planning application number 13/04570/FUL. As this is a distinct improvement on the previous scheme and avoids the construction of a new drive envisaged in the 1982 permission the parish councillors have no objection to the application.




N T Dummett

Parish Councillor

29th November 2013


Coln St Dennis Parish Council


October 2013 News.


Over the last month the parish council has been informed of 3 planning applications:

13/03537/FUL. Barn Conversion at Coln St Dennis.

13/03576/OUT Equestrian isolation facility and grooms dwelling at Black Barn, Coln Rogers.

13/03945/FUL. Regularisation of camping and caravan parking at Far Peak, Fosseway.


All the above applications are still pending and can be accessed on line on and clicking on planning register at the bottom of the home page and then searching under villages. Residents should let either their Parish Councillor know of any concerns or comment directly to the CDC using the comment facility provided. The parish councillors have no objections in principle to the first two applications but are concerned about the detail of the design of the raod facing façade of the barn conversion. The third application is under review.


The parish council has now received permission to borrow from DCLG. At the next meeting the parish council will receive a report on the village hall funding and decide how much of the £25,000 permitted they will apply to draw down. The parish council at the same meeting will consider its obligations and the implications of the two village greens it owns at Calcot. The date and venue of the meeting have yet to be determined but the aim is to meet in the second half of November.


N T Dummett

Coln St Dennis Parish Councillor

13th October 2013

July Update


Consultation on rasing a Pubilc Works Loan

(Please note that you can download this letter by clicking the link at the bottom of the page)



From: Coln St
Dennis Parish Council.


Dear Resident,


At the open parish council meeting on 28th May I was asked to write to you concerning the possibility of the parish council raising a public works loan as a
contribution to the funding of the rebuilding of the village hall. A public
works loan is a loan from the government at advantageous rates repayable over a period of up to 50 years. The interest and principal is repaid by an increase
in the parish precept collected by the Cotswold District Council as part of the
annual council tax.


The parish council has discussed this possibility at past open meetings and there have been no objections in principle. Because the response from many of you has been terrific the village hall trust is confident of hitting its fundraising target
for private donations. However public funding bodies are unlikely to provide as
much as the village hall trust had initially been led to expect. It is therefore now clear that there will be a shortfall for which the only timely source of funds is a public works loan.


The proposal is that the Parish Council applies for a loan of £25,000 repayable over 25 years being the design life of the new hall. It is also proposed that the charge be a fixed sum each year to avoid exposure to rising interest rates. On this basis the cost to the parish would be approximately £1,500 p.a or £12 per annum per band D dwelling for 25 years. Overall this would mean that the parish precept rises to £21 pa from £9.50 for a band D house. 
This compares to an average parish precept in Cotswold district of £30
pa for a band D house and is in the view of the parish council affordable.


Full details of the proposal are given in papers lodged on the village hall/ parish council web site


The parish council is convinced of the benefit to the community of a new village hall and believes that this contribution is good value. The loan will not be drawn down until the parish council is assured that the village hall has all other needed funding in place.


If you would like to discuss this proposal please contact me on 01285 720 090. Otherwise please could you let me know whether you support or not this proposal either by e-mail to or by returning the
slip below to Rectory Cottage, Coln St Dennis, GL54 3JY. The result of this
consultation will be made public on the parish web site.


With many thanks
for your help.


Nick Dummett

Parish Councillor,
Coln St Dennis Parish Council.                                    

7th June 2013





I support the
proposal that Coln St Dennis Parish Council raise a public works loan of
£25,000 as a grant to the Coln Valley Village Hall trust for the rebuilding of
the village hall. ……


I do not support
the above proposal because……………………………………………



Name…………………………………….. Date………

Consultation Letter
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