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The Coln Valley Village Hall
The Coln Valley Village Hall

11th November 2018 marked the Centenary of the end of WWI.


The Valley commemorated this Centenary with a Family Communion in St Andrews Church Coln Rogers  followed by a reception at the Village Hall, during which Jacky gave a talk about Coln Rogers' status as a Thankful Village - one of only 50 or so villages in England and Wales where all those who went away to the War returned safely.


Jacky had prepared a very informative exhibition to accompany her talk, and high resolution photos of these boards (7 in total) can be downloaded below.



The boards were large in size so the photos benefit from being viewed on a large screen; click on each link in order to open it on your computer screen, where you will be able to navigate around the photo and to zoom in or out.



Board 1.jpg
JPG image [2.8 MB]
Board 2.jpg
JPG image [3.5 MB]
Board 3.jpg
JPG image [3.5 MB]
Board 4.jpg
JPG image [2.4 MB]
Board 5.jpg
JPG image [3.2 MB]
Board 6.jpg
JPG image [3.1 MB]
Board 7.jpg
JPG image [3.5 MB]
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