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Hiring Agreement - Covid19 additional conditions
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Hiring Agreement - Covid19 additional guidance
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Terms & Conditions
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Health & Safety Policy
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Child Protection Policy
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Controlling Noise
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The Coln Valley Village Hall
The Coln Valley Village Hall

Did you know that you can raise money for the Hall (or for another Charity of your choice) merely by shopping online?
Using easyfundraising.org.uk is very easy and costs you nothing.
Shop as normal at most of your favourite online retailers (including at your favourite weekly online grocery stores) and raise money for good causes at the same time - what could be better?!


To start using the service, follow these simple steps:

1. click on the link above

2. search for and select the cause you wish to support (ignore the fact that our Hall is shown as being in Ablington!), then set up your own easyfundraising account to follow that cause

3. do your online shopping as normal!


easyfundraising then send us a cheque periodically for all the donations raised through them.


TIP: once you have set up your easyfundraising account, your name will automatically appear in the leader board for your chosen cause - if you wish your donation history to remain anonymous then you can set this in the Preferences of your easyfundraising account.


TIP: the "Donation Reminder" add-on to your web browser can be downloaded from the easyfundraising site - this alerts you when you visit a website which is eligible for raising money, and prompts you to activate the donation if you go on to shop through that website.

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